The Lonely Tree Tops.

I looked into the sky
basked in the morning dew.
and the desolated tree tops
only understood by a few.

They look down at us
from way up there,
swaying swiftly
in the dewy morning air.

I hear their whispers
I can hear them clear.
Brought to me with the wind
down the atmosphere.

I understand the tree tops
the sigh of every lonely leaf.
and they only can understand
my abandoned silent grief...
Yeshmanthi Yeshmanthi
18-21, F
3 Responses Sep 18, 2011

Beautiful! You are lucky to be able to express so well...your words are your true friends....

are these stories ur hand written?

Yes :)

"Brought to me with the wind<br />
down the atmosphere." I love it.