Is Living "alone" A Problem For Me? No Way!!

Yeah, I'm living "alone" but that means I don't require permission or compromise or negotiation or drama. If I think it, I just do it, and generally speaking I think my ideas are pretty good. I have a GREAT love life, even if it IS me loving ME. How long have I felt this way you ask? I'm just shy of sixty years old now and I have this independence thing DOWN! Somebody referenced the "Disney Lie" and I must agree. Rejoice having yourself, and noone else to worry about. Being in a "relationship" means you're vulnerable. I don't like that feeling
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2 Responses May 13, 2012

I am still young, lived with my GF for nearly 2 years, now I live alone, I've always felt alone, even with her here, I feel life is passing me buy, some weeks I just suck at work, I am having trouble sleeping, and I go out of the apartment just for what's necessary.<br />
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I don't have any friends, none! and Being alone feels better than seeing my family! life is meaningless!

I totally agree,after 3 failed marraiges I moved into my one bed flat and love the fact onfront door is shut I can do what I want! I have friends and meet others but I love living ALONE

Yeah (As he twirls house key)