Sections Of Society!

when death comes prematurely who is to blame, i feel ashamed of my blatant uncaring attitude towards the human race but i have recently been carrying out some altruistic duties (for want of a better word) i coin that phrase from a rather spunky science teacher of mine way back in the late eighties , he used it superflously i wished he had used his tongue rather more superflously in other areas@';0"
i wanted to screech outside in my back garden when i heard the news but for fear of being mocked by the neighbours who probably think i need sectioning by now i opted to stay indoors to tunnel the grief.

what i am simply saying is for gods sake from the pip of the ***** you were created from please stop consuming the stinking pissy vodka before Korsakoffs psychosis really does take an enamoured grip on you , am not watching you die of syphilitic agony all to line that "open all hours" shopkeepers pocket .
psychicprayer psychicprayer
May 4, 2012