Thats Me.

Jesus i know exactly what this is like.  To go through everyday knowing that like the day before it is absolutly meaningless.  It doesn't seem to matter what i do or how hard i try my life is insignificant.  Alive/dead it doesn't seem to matter i would make the same impact on the world, none.  People can't be bothered to notice me or talk to me, get to know me.  I don't think theres anything in me thats special, there can't be.  Im destined to live life alone, no one to care for me or about me.  I don't know if its easier to go through life bullied because your different or ignored and forgotten because you're not worth thinking about. 
WhyBother22 WhyBother22
22-25, M
3 Responses May 23, 2012

speaking from a being bullied position and then seeking invisibility I can honestly say being ignored doesn't hurt as much. they both suck. however you are important, without you I may have done something stupid. thanks whybother22

i feel for you. your exactly like me. you havent lost girlfriends have you. sorry forced hunor is how i bary manage to get by

Well, first of all, I notice you. Other people do, too.<br />
Ever stop to think that maybe you're not even right, with all your depressed thoughts, and that your view is simply distorted because of this illness? <br />
I don't think life is entirely about making an impact on the world, but more so on others, and you have already and will make an impact on other individuals, like you have with myself. I mean, I still check to see if you've said anything each day.<br />
I think what's best for you is to try to make friends with yourself, as a first step. Take notice of your great traits that I know you have, and learn to respect yourself for them. If you knew someone else who was funny, caring, unique, and smart, wouldn't you think they were worth being friends with? Give yourself a chance.<br />
You're worth it. I promise.