The Dead go on living

Lets do some living
Now that we've died.
I know that I'll die
Now that I've tried,
But as a spirit
Ill finally be free.
Unable to communicate
The others leave me be.
I'm a sullen shell
Without a personality
My spirit doesn't dwell.
For within this skin
Lives a spirit
Worn so thin.
This soul is dead,
But it lives on.
It's all in my head,
But I'm to far gone.
And over and over
This flows through my head,
Why go on living
When I'm better off dead?
AlleyFreakingKat AlleyFreakingKat
18-21, F
1 Response Sep 25, 2012

Beautiful descriptive poem.

I completely understand the feeling of being dead inside, but you are not better off ridden. Something tells me you can do this, and break free. You're only what, 18-21? You have your whole life. It's a phase, and with your strength, you can pass it honey :)

Love xo