How Depressing...

Ever since I was a kid, my mother ALWAYS made the perfect thanksgiving meal. I remember thanksgiving being fun, and being so excited to wake up early to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. My parents divorced about 11 years ago, and since then my mom has remarried and has moved to another state. My father has always been a selfish person. He doesn't care about me or my brother in the least. After my mom moved away, my brother and I went to live with my dad... basically, he just doesn't give a damn about us. We have never been number one to him. Number one would always be the current girlfriend who he would do anything for. I am a college student, living in an apartment....the parking lot is empty because everyone else has a family to go home to. I have my dad to go home to, and he isn't even making dinner or acknowledging that this is a holiday. My brother probably won't be around. I just feel really lonely. Why can't I just have a normal family who really cares about me? I cry as I write this because I feel like I deserve a lot more than this. I don't even really feel like there is a reason for me to go home.

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i am also alone on thanksgiving my mom passed yrs ago and my dad wants nothing to do w me i feel your pain and wish you grace from God who loves u

I agree...when creating your own family you have the choice in who is your motherly influence, a choice, in a fatherly influence, a choice in a favorite sister or brother....and the beauty in all that don't have to hate your blood them...just know you love them and you'll do as you see fit to let them live theres as you live yours...

((hugs)) Sometimes we have to make our own family.