Wife Left And Took My Son. Alone On Thanksgiving

Wife of 5 years is deciding to leave me because of things I lied about 8 years ago. I admit I've made mistakes but to abandon me now and not let me see my son is atrocious. I have no family really of my own and hers hates me as much as she does. Struggling this Thanksgiving because I miss my family so much she just no room for me in her "family."
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My husband passed away in 2008 so here I am alone again for Thanksgiving & Christmas. I live in OH and the only family I have is 2 older sisters in TX. My in-laws live in PA but I have Parkinson's and driving my car might not be a good idea. I have good days when my hands don't shake and bad days. I have 2 cats which bring joy to my life.

Alone also. divorced 6 years ago, she remarried, her boss, in a few months, they won custody of my son away from me 2 years later. my fiance and i broke up 2 days ago, after 3.5 years being together. My mother is in South Texas vacationing, my brother and his family are having a get together for his employees, but no invite for me.

Ill have a ******* hamburger

I'm alone this thanksgiving also my older brother passed away this October 12th my sister lives 3 hours away and is having dinner with her husband's family my fiance of 4 years she was bipola and constantly thought I was lyin and constantly thought I was lying to her I'm all alone and it's very hard because I still love her but it's fairl but it's doubtful her parents use to love me but maybe because ther just t maybe because ther just taking her side she said a lot of lice t she said a lot of lies to them about me it's oh so sad don't think I have it entertain but with Christmas right around th but with Christmas right around the corner and New Years Ev it's gonna be a har it's gonna be a hard time

I am in a very similar situation. Yesterday and the day before were worse than today seems. Now that the day is here, it just seems like another day, alone. Things are bound to get better. My personal philosophy is that you can only know light to the extent that you know darkness. When life gets better (and it will), those good times will be that much sweeter for the bitter you endure now. Life is energy; energy expresses in waves; waves have peaks and troughs. Find something positive and focus your thoughts on that and look for better times ahead.