Divorced Father Far Away From Only Child, And All Family, With No Friends , In A Place Hes Never Been For The Holidays

Its been 5 months since I have seen my son, that is the hardest part. My wife had decided we were not "it" for each other after 3 years. So when she asked me to move out I had no problem with it just sad. Then I get laid off from work due to the horrible market I was in in Massachusetts. So with no job and now on the streets due to no income to live anywhere i was forced to move. So my brother who lives in Washington but is now deployed allowed me to stay at his place for a while. I had to leave so 2,000 miles and 5 months later I am the loneliest I have ever been. Still in love with my ex-wife and so painfully missing my son I try to make it through day by day. I will move back once I have saved up enough to do so. He is growing soon he will be 3 and he is slowly forgetting who I am. I missing so much of his first and I will never get that back. He is becoming familiar with her new boyfriend who is now spending thanksgiving and Christmas with the ex in laws family. In a short few months he has officially replaced me as dad and as a member of the family. I never knew this pain or loneliness existed. My entire family is in Hawaii, I have no money to go there. Even if I did i would just go see my son. I have not been home in 3 years, because i decided it was best for my ex to be near family during her pregnancy and birth. Happy thanksgiving.
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I feel you. I am in an almost identical situation. You are not alone my friend and you will get through this.

I feel for you! I am in a similar situation, and it does suck more than I would have thought. I'm trying to keep busy, but the loneliness still breaks through. I wish society was more honest. I feel like if I rented a church one night a week and simply advertised "Loneliness Club--All Welcome" it would be packed out!

I'm so sorry I really feel for u but be happy that a seperation is the best u cannot imagine my 14 years of frustrating,living with a man in a lov hate relationship my life is complicated as we have a grown up teenage son I can't get out of the marriage and I can't live in it that is my life I don't Know how long I can pull thro