Hahahaha Alone Again!!! Nofx Playing In The Back Ground... The Whole Pump Up The Valuume Cd

oh nofx you make me feel soooooo much better...... im downing a 5th of bacardi and then a bottle of whine wile i eat tater tottts n hotpockets yay yummy yummy yummy oh thank "GOD:" for thanks giving... the day when family can reeeeeeaaaaaly forget about the rest of the "family" that esxists, Y, cuz you ...... "other" family don't realy ******* exist cuz you've been shund for beeing ****** yet you don'ty gd damned matter hahahah just like me yaya non existent family " un "

happily (i can't spell n **** **** you ) SHON ( yeah thats how they spelled it.... fen or phen-eticaly *** holes....deal W/ it)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LowerClassHoodlum425 LowerClassHoodlum425
Nov 22, 2012