It's Just Another Thursday In November...

When I was a boy, November was a magical month and I loved it dearly. Right after Veteran's Day, we decorated our grade school classroom windows with cardboard turkeys, cut out figures of Priscella and John Alden and heard the ancient tale of of the Pilgrim's journey to Plymouth Rock and the beautiful story of that first Thanksgiving. Nary a sign of Christmas, until Thanksgiving Eve, when my suburban town was festooned with the very first glimmer of Christmas.
Parentals worked tirelessly, but happily, on the T-Day feast and the house was wall to wall aunts, uncles and cousins. None of the dysfunction I've heard that occurred in other families. It was, next to Christmas and my birthday, the most joyous day of the year and that is the truth.

All of those splendid people are gone and the cousins who remain, with their attendant spouses, are blowhards and thumping bores. I can be a sport and brook all of this for one Thursday in November, but I prefer not to. I don't feel alienated, hurt, vulnerable and Lord knows I feel very deeply for those who do. I am BORED with it all now. I yearn for a new kind of Thanksgiving experience and that is what I hope to find this year. I have absolutely nary a scintilla of misgiving about being alone or dining alone ~ anything but the inane clamor of what is left of extended family. But, I would be disingenuous in the extreme, if I were to say that I shouldn't enjoy some company ~ nice, new, people with whom to break bread and laugh and discuss this and that and t'other. As it is a family holiday, it is hard for gay people to gather in this way on this day. So this year, rather than face anticipatory anxiety as the day approaches, let us find one another and, even on Thanksgiving 2013, let's experience, just this once, a new way to think about this lovely American holiday. If happiness starts from within, let it hang out and around a festive table of tempest tossed souls, who not only give thanks this day, but can see promise, hope, love and NEW BEGINNINGS as our Pilgrim fathers and mothers and sisters and daughters did, as they shared a meal with an alien civilization who were as humane as any European settler ~ infinitely more so, I have always thought. In the end, there is always a reason to give thanks and feel enormous gratitude for much in our lives. I propose we keep building upon those  emotions this November Thursday calls forth. 
johnmike59 johnmike59
51-55, M
Oct 22, 2013