So I'm Alone And Thinking I Might Enjoy This

I'm alone this year by choice. I live 2000 miles from my family and my husband and I are separated. I'm invited to his family's house for dinner but don't want to give him mixed messages. We are over. I've had several friends invite me over. But that's just uncomfortable. You always get the oh poor lady she doesn't have family stares. Been living away from family long enough to have enough experiences with that. So I'm making my mini feast and enjoying it. Making pie crust from scratch, green bean casserole from scratch and my turkey breast. Have some spiced rum to spice day up :) will eat, rent movies online and enjoy the peace. If the mood strikes me I might brave the after Turkey rush at Walmart for a cheap TV. Husband took the other tv. GRRRR.
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3 Responses Nov 28, 2013

Crazy! Where do you live that you are that far away??
I'm in the same boat as you. I live 600 miles away from family. Girlfriend just kicked me out a week ago.

I'm in AZ - GREAT weather :) and my family is in Ohio. Sorry to hear about you and your girlfriend. I'm sure someone better is right around the corner ;)

I know those looks! At least you got invited! I am alone and will be alone for Christmas too. I am divorced with no children. I tried to get some people to go out but everyone has their family and friends. I worked a 12 hour shift yesterday then went to the supermarket and bought a premade turkey dinner and a frozen pumpkin pie. Also, rented a movie. I don't have a family to visit. Going to shower and take my dog out. Hope next year is better for both of us! At least you can cook!

Yeah I'm lucky in that aspect - that I can cook. And your lucky you have a job that you can get plenty of o/t with! I just got done w/ cooking and now it's time to take my dog out and shower myself so I can sit back and enjoy my movie. going to watch 2 Guns w/ Mark Walhberg and Denzel Washington. Hope things get better with the new year. For both of us

It is just ok to enjoy the holiday by yourself this once. It is completely understandable not wanting to mix with others. Since you are putting so much effort into making it a good one I think you are doing great dear. Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you for the heartfelt response :) Hope your Thanksgiving is a good one!!