Done With Guys

I'm done with guys for good. After my fiasco with Noam, I had a bit of hope that things might improve, but no, I'm just destined to be single forever.

This year I actually had a chance for a date, but of course nothing came out of it. Here's what happened: I asked my guy friend, whom I kinda like, out for coffee and he said yes. It's impossible to describe how great I felt afterwards; I practically glowed. I thought that maybe, just maybe, a cool, nice, funny, and cute guy can be willing to spend time with me and that however small, the chance of getting a guy to like me was still there.

...And then my luck changed. My friend Samantha, who I knew was a potential rival before because she kinda likes him too and they went to the movies together, called me and said that they went on more dates than that one and that he actually kissed her on the lips. I almost died. And then she had the nerve to say that maybe he doesn't even like her. Well, excuse me, but IF YOU KISS SOMEONE ON THE LIPS, YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY IN LOVE WITH THEM!!! 

I was in tears for the rest of that day and only until the next day did I realize why she happened to call me on that day. I totally forgot that asking the guy out was such a huge step for me, that I felt the need to tell someone. So I told our other friend, Ellen, and she told Sam to call me, so I won't get hurt any further.

Anyway, my point is, I'm never even going to dare have hope for any nice and attractive guy to like me because that's less likely than hell freezing over. I won't be stupid anymore.
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People are hopeless to actually meet somebody in person that they could be compatiable enough to love. Finding a destined partner within a 50 mile radius is rare, actually finding them in that radius if they do exist, impossible. <br />
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This is why I wish people would listen to my words and do as I have done. Cease your empty hope of never finding a partner, and embrace your destiny. <br />
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Several months ago, I used my telepathic gift, an ability that lies dormant within us all, to speak to a beautiful woman. I asked God if I could use my telepathic ability to speak to the only one I wished to actually speak to, my future wife. And thus it began, I began speaking to a beautiful girl, and began to fall in love. <br />
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I believe it should be completely possible, if not difficult, for others to do the same. Reach out in an emotional cry and plead for this stranger to listen to you, and ask them to trust that God knows that the two of you would make a great couple. Or approach the situation more subtly, initially ask them to be your friend, and get to know them, before confessing your love for your new destined partner.<br />
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It's different, but a completely realistic and attainable way, to allow yourself to never suffer the pain of an empty heart for the rest of forever.

Stop just stop I don't need to read the post to even need to comment not all guys are the same and out of a population of billions of guys i'm sure there are at least about 100,000 for you so you can give up on guys but you will simply be giving up on 99,999 potential "True loves". <br />
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Being kissed on the Lips is NOT love.<br />
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If a guy likes another girl then Oh well let him like him move on.

How old are you again? Please, you can't be serious making such dramatic statements

If that guy liked that other girl that doesnt mean anything negative about you. you just need to be confident with yourself and wait for the right man to sweep you off of your feet. Kissing a girl does not mean that you love her either. good luck finding a better fish in the sea.

Aww, don't give up! There are plenty of attractive guys there, and I'm sure you'll meet THE ONE. <br />
Perhaps you feel that love is not for you. But that's just temporary, I know that!<br />
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Good luck!!!