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On this day, I drove to the home of the woman whom just ended our relationship...which by the way she hates this holiday (for a variety of reasons). I had bought her a barbie, as a valentine's gift. Why a Barbie doll? Because as a child she always wanted one and her mother bought her an ethnic Barbie which only drew the ire of her classmates. She was picked on and her doll was destroyed. Her mother refused to get her another.
So, on valentine's day, 2011...I drove to her home and gave her the doll.
She texted later on that evening and said that, that was an awesome gift...
Maybe I should have driven back...
I didn't...more then likely a mistake on my part.
I saw her one other day since, on her birthday.
I do spend more energy then I should thinking about her
(I shouldn't spend any energy on her....but I do)
I really wish that she hadn't gone through the trouble to burn every possible bridge with me...I guess she really likes living on her island...all that water separating us
Maybe, my behavior...my insistence to communicate and/or reconcile
May come across as a bit aggressive and perhaps even on the immature side
I can't even apologize to her, she refuses contact with me
Two wrongs Never make a right
If only I didn't feel as if I am the recipient of an unjust scenario
Yet again...who ever promised that life is fair?
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1 Response Feb 10, 2012

This is a very touching story.<br />
So, I see you did get hurt after all?<br />
But... better than not have lived, right?