im alone on valentine.s day every year i celebrate valentines day alone because i dont have any girlfriend to celebrate with i see guys giving red roses to there girlfriends and me only looking at those roses i wish even i had a girlfriend but i know its not that easy to get a girlfriend i think i will never get a girlfriend in this life it really hurts i really hate valentines day i think i should celebrate valentines day with my wife whats the point if i celebrate after i get married this is celebrated by bachelor's this day is made for bachelors not for married couples let us when i can celebrate valentines day before marriage or after marriage
guuyy guuyy
22-25, M
1 Response May 24, 2012

Valentine's day is overrated. Can't you show someone you love how much you love them all year? Anyway, don't despair! I've spent many lonely valentine's days...but this year a few of my gf's and I went to the movies and drank afterwards. Don't make it day to feel sad and depressed. Make the most of it! Maybe make plans with a few friends or's also about friendship. I see your story was posted in May...hope you're feeling better now! :)