Empty Heartt...

hayee peeps,

well valentines day is one of the worst days for me.. i never get any pressies, no cards, no hugs, no kisses not even a wave. no sign of love or support happens on this day.. it even happens on a normal day! i just can't be bothered to fight anymore im just fed up with all the lonelyness in my life and i can't do a thing to stop it, because i have frens who left me.. and my new frens aren't that kind so therefore im a loner 24/7 its kinda sad really because nobody feels for me.. in any sort of way. i dont talk to my family because of a huge fight so im alone for the rest of my stupid life. i end this story by saying i hate valentines day!!

Luv Alyx xo - The Sad and Unwanted

Alyx Alyx
18-21, F
Apr 29, 2007