It Went to the Grave

I am always alone on Valentine's Day and yes, its depressing, corporate cash making conspiracy or not. With seemingly everyone making dinner dates and anticipating cute cheap gifts and that rot, its hard not to feel a little left out. Last year, I was in a particular funk about it, until I noticed my younger sister Cherokee (15), who was usually nauseatingly happy looking down.

I asked her about it and she put on a weak smile and said that she just dreaded Valentine's because she knew that no one liked her that way and but, that she was happy for her friends who were sure to get some V-day swag from their boyfriends. I told her alot of people feel like no one notices them but, maybe she'd be surprised on Valentine's- otherwise what are stalkers for? She smiled but, you could tell she still felt badly about it. I tucked that away for later thought.

About a week after that, my other younger sister Savy (17) and I were at the dollar store, nosing about, and it hit me. I told Savy...we could buy a cheap card and Chero's favorite candy here, and ask the cashier to fill it out with a tailored secret admirer message as she would be sure to recognize my scrawl and Savy's loopy drawl. Later that week, on V-day, I could take the stuff with me to work and pick up some pink roses (her favorite color) and since work was right near the school, I could take the whole lot over on my lunch break and drop it off with the receptionist with instructions to deliver to Cherokee. Easy as pie.

Unless you forget the card and candy at home across town, speed over there, run into a supermarket to grab some reasonably priced pink roses-and $30 isn't reasonably priced for 12 roses, in my opinion. Dash over to the school which is overflowing with dropped off bouqets and candies, fill out the necessary forms and back to work. I was exhausted even before my shift was over. Not to mention pissy.

When I get home, I'm covered in grease (I worked at McD's) and soap, feeling disgusting, when Cherokee runs up to me yelling, Come look at my roses! I GOT ROSES!!! Least to say she was ecstatic. I may have been alone that Valentine's like every Valentine's before and after but, that look on her face it was absolutely priceless.

Cherokee is gone now. If you want details, check out the NDE forum. She never knew that that was a gag to make her feel better, it went with her to the grave, a happy thought right now amongst so many sad ones.

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2 Responses Jan 19, 2007

That's kind. :)

You won't always be alone on Valentine's Day, Hannah. But you have to trust me and stick your neck out there and BEGIN TO NOT HATE EVERYONE ON SIGHT! 'kay? Like I told you on the phone last night, "Offer them (the opposite sex) something to interest them, something of VALUE (and You got it!) you simply have to bring it out of you. I BELIEVE in You and remember: God doesn't make junk. I didn't think I would ever be with anyone again since I was almost 40, bald and depressed. But--I stuck my neck out there, offered someone from the opposite sex something of value: my change of heart from depressed to "I'm Blessed!" and maybe she will actually LIKE a bald man...and she did! We should ALL believe that there is someONE out there for each of us, if that's what you want out of life. I love you anyway, everyday.