Why Just One Day?

Yes I am single and its Valentines Day. But for me its not a day to be sad. NOPE. I think its a cheezy day to celebrate. Where flower shops increase the prices of the usual $20 bouqet of flower to at least double or triple the cost.  I really dont care about the day. Even if I were with that special someone I still wouldn't expect to get flowers, and when I had a boyfriend I would tell them that I don't care for the day and that they don't have to get me anything. They always did and yeah, it made me happy, who doesn't like to receive gifts, right?

Yep today I will go home after work, make myself dinner, pop in a DVD and just take this day as just a regular day.

No moping and being unhappy because I dont have that significant other. But hey I have other girlfriends that too are single like me and when the weekend comes we all go out have fun and meet people. But I really enjoy being single and don't care to meet men.

Its kinda sickening to hear people say, "oh I didnt get any flowers" and then they are pissed the rest of the day. I know when they get home to their husband/boyfriend that a big fight will break out. Why? I ask myself. I say to myself, If you do have a special someone, shouldnt everyday be Valentine's Day? There shouldnt be one day per year to celebrate love for the person you are with, correct?

So me, being single on Valentines Day is not a big issue...hope others can feel the same as me!! :0)

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2006

For me, I find it a day to spread love. I give flowers to my mother every year, a woman whom I have had to forgive for many things over the years. I give her a gift as a gesture of appreciation for what she DID do, rather than constantly harping upon her shortcomings. I know she is lonely, so I take the time to brighten her life.<br />
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In doing so, I brighten mine. :)

For me, I hate the holiday for its commercialisim, but I know I'm not just lonely on one day of the year... I've been lonely almost every day for twenty years. I would actually like once to be commercial and buy flowers and candy, because I'd do it anyway. I love giving things to people. It would just be an excuse. <br />
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It's stupid yes... But it's also a heavy burden like a chain that is reminding me of what I want and taunting me by not allowing me to have it. <br />
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Maybe that's hard to understand, I dunno.

Totally agreed. Valentines was always a day for people to waste their hard earned cash to say they love a person just because of some ******* stupid "tradition" that's only an excuse to get drunk.<br />
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Only Americans can party for something so stupid and no, I'm not a hater, just someone shoved a stick up my *** and I can't pull it out. I am also an American. XD