Im On My Own

Its valentines day do i have any pressies? no - do i have a valentine? no - do i have any valentines cards? no only a letter from my bank saying they are going to charge me £28!
What fun i am having!

Me n my mate went to a bar tonight to wait for my guy mate so we can sort out our holiday n everywhere was so tacky with hearts n candles n low lighting?! i couldnt read the menu its jus foolish!
I couldnt believe how many couples were out! I dont like valentines at all i think it is just an expensive tackfest! Even when i have guy at valentines i dont like it!

but our guy mate was late n it looked like we had been stood up so after the guys behind the bar were laughing as they thought we were lesbians they carried on laughing as we got dressed up for no one!
But my mate was very apologetic n said if he had known he would come in with red roses for each of us!!! bless him!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Feb 14, 2007