I Try To Not Hate Valentine's Day But Every Year...

I do. Everyone of my friends has someone. Both of my brothers have girlfriends, My parents have each other. But Who do I have? This Holiday was designed to make people who don't have someone feel like crap. I sadly fall into that every year of my life. You may say spend it with your friends that don't have someone. But I'm not good friends with anyone. I feel completely alone everyday, but today just seems to celerbate how alone I feel.

GibsonR23 GibsonR23
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3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

I don't celebrate Valentines Day. What I do though is watch a movie and eat popcorn, it's great.

Vday really is a day to make people feel as if they HAVE to be with someone. I think its horrible that corporations can manipulate your mind that way. Its a stupid day for the card companies and a day to say I love you to someone and show love(kind of stupid if you ask me)....last time I checked you usually say I love you to people and show your love EVERYDAY. not to mention its more special to give someone a gift on a random day then to give a gift on a day thats planned around gift giving.<br />
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Its the same thing with Thanks giving and Christmas. We are obligated to see our families and give them gifts.

i kn ow how you feel you just need to stay strong things will get better for you :) x