I Don't Know How To Change. It Seems Impossible.


I am alone on valentines day, I was along on new years, Christmas, and thanksgiving. I haven't been in a relationship in a long time. My sex life is non existent. I suffer from major depressive disorder and post dramatic stress disorder. I am afraid to trust people since I fear for my life every minute of every day and I don't know why. I shut my family out and I have no friends anymore. I don't know how to beat this. I live alone with My dog in the country so I can be away from other people. I avoid crowds, conversation with people and any type of social outing. Sometimes I get down about it, sometimes when my disorder goes into remission I attempt to do the things I loved to do before. It takes something little sometimes to set my brain off, then my emotions goes out of control again and I fall back into the prison of my disorder where I withdraw from everybody. Please, if somebody is going through the same thing as I am, please help me. I just have to know that I'm not the only one.

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1 Response Feb 14, 2010

Im not going through the same exact thing but I have shut myself off from making any new friends, I do sit at home all day every day by myself with my dog and the only time i go outside is with my best friend or with my ex boyfriend. Its rare with my best friend cause hes the same way i am and the only time my ex and I go out is really late at night when no one is out. <br />
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Im starting to feel agoraphobia, I started to get a lot of anxiety when I leave my neighborhood, I have on and off again depression. Most days its so bad to the point where I get so caught up in what im doing on the computer I forget to eat. When im not on the comp im either watching tv or sleeping.