I'm so depressed and alone, I've been sad for so long, I have eyes with permanent sadness, my mind on the verge of madness, I have no love my soul has been taken, I'm tired of smiling, cause honestly I'm only fakin, pain upon pain Is piling, this is too much for one man to bare, but wait I look around I see no one who would care, I think this isn't fair, but I must stop with the self pity, cause if I don't pick my self up I will remain one of the fallen, but I can't not when my soul is calling, telling me to grow up and face reality, that if I don't love myself first how could anybody, and that's the truth cause when noone was there for me, I was always there for me, and I know this may sound selfish, but so be it cause honestly no matter how much one denies it, the truth is selfish is just how we are, and with out it the most successful wouldn't have gone far, so I will love myself when noone does, and I will support myself when none will, because no matter what I can never abandon who I am, because I am who I am.
RebelLynx RebelLynx
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 15, 2014

this is it right..well I love it but it kinda sad

Yeah, thanks, yeah I was kinda down when I wrote it.lol, it's a way to express my feelings. : )