I Need Friends

since child hood i have always been a bookwarm. so got little time to interact or make friendsyes. i wanted to do a simpler course at university so that i could hang out alot and make friends but my father forced me to do Law. since he was paying tution i had no say. law was such a hard course that i continued being a book warm. i was also worried of failing. i have justed graduated and in need friendsmail. soon i will go for apractical course at the law development center which is a must here.,am scared i might continue having very few friends who are my coursemates. i need friends from all corners, there i will be happy smiley
prettysubira prettysubira
22-25, F
5 Responses Aug 10, 2010

wow, i'v got friends

Why so sad in a world where there are millions of people seeking friends? I can be a friend of yours with pleasure.

i would be ur friend im only 17 lol

I'm happy to be your friend :-)

i can be your friend mate..:)