Looking For A Friend...

I am simply looking for an online friend to e-mail and chat with who has gone through similar experiences like me. I was physically abused by my dad, emotionaly abused by my mom and sexualy abused by a neighbour. I want it to be sort of like a buddy system, I tell you about my problems and you tell me about yours and we help each other with the hardships of every day. The friends I already have (wich is not many) don't want to listen to my problems and I feel like I still need someone to talk to. I want it to be online so we both have no idea what the other looks like.
inn3rshadow inn3rshadow
18-21, M
2 Responses Nov 29, 2011

Thanks you guys. I have found some very great people.

i'll listen to your stories, but i am a dude if you dont mind.