sometimes i enjoy my loneliness ....sometimes i feel sad why i am always feeling such type of feeling.wen i go to park or beach i used to sit& watch how others are enjoying their life .i always used to think kids life is the most beautiful life.they dont have anything to think ...their world is full of enjoyment . wen i tell my mom she used to tell u 2 have enjoyed that moment.when i am having everything i dont know its value... wen that one thing is missing i started thinking of that precious thing.....value.........i feel alone
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U will never be alone dont worry

oh..... prediction akhiiii

truely said..we dont value the moments wen we actually are living itt....but may b thats part of lyf..

thnks for the comment


It happens, just learn to enjoy moments, find things from those situations only, you will love it. we naturally are social animals, so we need some one, find good friends, talk to them

thanks for the advice