I Hate Being Alone

I hate being alone, because I get more depressed, and lonely. I do have a cat but I still feel alone, with no one to share a hug, or go for walks with, or just talk/ I don't know how to communicate with some people, maybe it is because after my fiance' died, I lost touch on how to talk to people face to face, and it is lonely. Swatches
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I love being alone(to a certain degree), I get depressed, hell I'm bi-polar. Take time to list the positive aspects of being alone (with your cat).Want to communicate? keep writing.

Could be worse, I feel more alone around people than when I am alone. When you don't relate to the vast majority of society being around them reminds you of just how alone you are.

Let's talk some time

Try to talk to nice people.Go to places that are filled with social gatherings that are not violent or mean, approach anyone who is nice and ask them about what they like about the place, if they come there frequently and how much they enjoy being there.Introduce yourself and ask them about who they are, what they enjoy, what they like, what they are doing in school, work, fun.After knowing them better, ask them if it is possible to further communicate; give them your number and take theirs and if u want make a meeting appointment somewhere. NOTE: if it doesn't work out with one person...there are always 7 billion others, don't despair ever!!!I really hope that u and all who is lonely to benefit from this : )With love, Righteous : )

It isn't bad enough i've been goiing through all my problems but to add insult to injury i just got out of the hosp. from having a stroke - not too severe but bad enough. It's just i seem to not have enough problems but now i have another one, where do they stop, and when can i begin to live a some what normal (if there is one) life

Try making some friends through work or other outlets were you can socialize with others. feeling alone is the WORST feeling I have ever felt. When I do feel extremely lonely I'll call up some people from work to get together or I'll even hang out with my mom or dad if i have to.

I'm so sorry for how you're feeling. If you ever need to talk, feel free to email me.

I"m sorry about your fiance. I am completely alone. I have no friends and no one to talk to or come over to see how I'm doing or even call. It's scary, I don't have a pet either, but I manage to get by day by day. I'm offering you my friendship if you want it.

lost my job my back was injured but its better met someone and hoped we could at least talk but got rejected so i know the feeling we are designed to expand and grow like a small tree grows from a twig we have to put ourselves in fertile soil to grow and not become uprooted look for what you need seek and you will find do what you want and then just be its called do be do you are a being not a doing its ok to not do anything and be alone sometimes for everthing there is a season

i thought thing were bad when i got hurt at work a few years ago, and i kind of lost touched ba<x>se with a lot of my co-workers cause i couldn''t keep up with them or didn't have the money i used to have to go out and play like we used to. but things got worse since i lost my leg, which seemed to take the last of my life and thru it in the trash just like they did to my leg. noe i just sit here day after day with just me and who ever i can make contact with on the net. [some times i often ask myself in the morn. what's the purpose of getting out of bed cause it's just going to be another day as yesterday and probably the same as tomorrow. my family all get up and go to work so that leaves me to my self cause i don't have any idea what time any one is going to be home] they aren't lucky enough to work a 9-5 job. i only have one other choice and that's to talk to my dog, but i think sometimes she don't wnat to be bothered either. i some times sit here and think just what kind of sense of humor god has as to make my life such a misery. sorry if i couldn't answer your question out right.

May I ask how long its been since he past, cuz that has allot to do with it, also cuz you prob. still missing him.