Why I am so Alone in this world.

I have family, wife, kids and parents and even in laws with me. but I don't have even 1 friend whom I can call or speak with anytime. Seems like I don't know how to make friends or attract peoples.
I am Working for almost 12 years now, but not even single friend from office to whom I can call for no reason or go to his home when i feel like.
Sometime i feel that it is because I don't take hard drinks, which guys of my age generally like.
I read on internet that try to be funny, go to clubs and talk to people, talk to them about their interests etc then they will be interested in you too, but everything with no results.
I am so sick and tired of everything .
I am not a good son, not a good husband, nor good friend not good father. i hate myself.

I don't know what to do. right now i don't even have job.
ksj1976 ksj1976
41-45, M
1 Response Aug 15, 2014

I know how you feel man its really hard to connect with people now a days. Almost nigh impossible in some cases. For what its worth im going through it too with an anxiety disorder on top of it all to make it even harder. I hope youre able to find those friends youre looking for one day and find some peace.

Thanks Bro for the reply and support :)