So yeah, I gave up talking to my family. I feel so alone , nobody in my house ever care to ask me whats going on with my life. My mom thought I'm in the rebellious stage but cant she see I'm depressing and suicidal ? of course she cant, my sisters are more important to her than me.
Why do I feel empty ? I don't know. Maybe because of the person I'm deeply in love with me told me that I'm a worthless piece of ****, or losing my friends because they're too busy with their life, my family who never realized I cry myself to sleep every night.. I loss so many things in my life the only things keeping me breathing is my cat who sleep with me every night. So, I'm writing this with teary eyes, and a cold water for dinner , wondering will I ever be okay again , but now I'm not sure what okay is . I am desperate needs for a companion but I know nobody will like a broken person like me. That thought is depressing enough, to live alone till the end of my life while others people are happy . I don't have a reason to live. Empty and broken, that is what I am.
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1 Response Aug 19, 2014

I think everyone feels like you sometimes although its hard to get them to admit it. Everyone feels lonely And rejected at some point. I'm going through a severe depression as we speak. I've been getting used and dumped by guys who move onto the next. I stopped contacting my friends and haven't heard **** from them in months. Ive been locked up barely leaving the house to perform minimal jobs and tasks. My arms feel weak and my body feels tired. Not one oz of hope for my future. I know from experience that I'll come out of it or that I'll be happy again but that is too hard to see. I hope this helps in some weird way. Just hold on honey things are changing