I Got Busted! By My Co-worker!

I work in a production plant making cardboard boxes. All the guys look at **** at work ! I Tell them one of these days you might find one of you wives on there! They asked me if I had any nudies anywhere? I said NO!
One day my hubby Ed heard me telling one of my girlfriends,that the guys at work added sites to the favorites on the company computer!
Ed told me to write them down for him! I made a list 1. Mythumbnails.com
2. Wsotgs .com
3. Eroslane.com
4. Slutwife.com
5. Truthordare.com
Ed has posted my nude pics before on yahoo groups!
But Ed made sure to post on everyone of the mentioned sites above!
At first I didn't know! One of my co-workers ,from the other end of the plant asked if I was shywifejulie my face turned beet red!
He is a tall Black guy with a sweet ***! I said yea ,but don't tell anyone!!!
About an hour later he walked up behind me,and squeezed my ****,I loved it! I was getting horny as hell!
I looked around to make sure no one was watching,then whipped off my bra!
He reached under my shirt and was fondling my ****!
Greg asked if I wanted to go with him for lunch? We went out to his truck, where he pulled my shirt off,sucking on my ****!
I Rubbed his crotch, WOW! He was ready! I undid his pants ,and started to give him a *******! He started the truck ,and told me
to jack him off on the way! I giggled ,and said is that what you want me to do?
As he pulled up to the drive-thur window at McDonalds ,and was giving the order,I went down on him!
I sucked him hard! I was trying to make him *** before we pulled up to the pick-up window, But he held my head down forcing his
**** down my thoat! MMMMM!! He pulled my head up so the guy inside could see me with his **** in my mouth!
I thought what the ****! I smiled and gulped his load!
When we got back the guys were looking at my pics! They were titled for the guys at Timberline Pkg.
shywifejulie shywifejulie
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May I chat with you on yahoo?

******* spamming ***** I hope you get herpes