I Still Feel The Same

I want to cheat. Ive been faking love in my relationship. I honestly don't know what love is anymore. I care but can't find myself to love my husband. My husband is actually gone now and honestly don't care to have sex. Maybe this time apart will help me decide my final decisions. He even asked me before if I was going to leave him if we moved back to california so he can make arrangements. Im fake i don't feel i have ever been like this before. I have pushed and changed my personality dramatically. I recently started talking back to my friend who likes sexting. but now its more he wants pictures. I don't mind getting him pictures its not physical but i'm helping him and he can't help me. Give to get but usually i get nothing so that relationship is awkward too. what do i do? who can i talk to males anyway sure theres plenty of women to talk to but not about what I mention here. please leave a comment i would really appreciate it.
Sweetmamax2 Sweetmamax2
22-25, F
May 14, 2012