Sissy Baby It Is.

From time to time I dress up as a little baby girl. I'll go all the way when becoming a baby girl meaning I shave my body hair (legs, arms, chest, ...) bath meself in an bath with baby oil added so I smell like a real baby. I put powder on before putting on my diaper. and then dress up like a baby girl. Once dressed up I act as much as possible like a baby girl, so only eating baby food or drinking formula from the bottle. Only using my diaper when having to do nr1 and sometimes nr2 (though I dislike nr2's in my diaper). I only watch kids shows and during the day I am mostly in the playpen with baby toys around me to play with. I go to bed on baby times where I drink loads before going to bed. In bed I self bondage me so I have no other option than using my diaper when having to pee very badly.
So I wake up with a soaked diaper and have to wait with changing it till the keys drop and I can get out of my baby sleeping bag.
Sometimes I have to do nr2 and I really dislike that (because the clean up is horrible) but when unable to get out of the sleeping bag (which is also restrained to the bed) I have no other option than using my diaper. Like a real baby.....
Funny is that I go to sleep with my pacifier and it's still in my mouth when I wake up. 2nd nature?
Kadya Kadya
2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Think that would be fun! :-)

I wish I could be there with you in the play pen to play, watch little kid shows and to take a nap in the afternoon !