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I have just posted a question about disability discrimination against those who are hearing impaired. Strangely there was not a defined category in which to put my point so here is a copy and paste:-

"Modern hearing aid technology helps those with hearing difficulties to enjoy a better lifestyle.
Hearing loss is recognised as a disability but many organisations only give telephone contact numbers and fail to provide email addresses.
I have made representations to the British Broadcasting Corporation on one program in particular. "Have I Got News For You" is a chat programme. The producers insist on using canned laughter at loud volumes in between the responses of guests to questions. The hearing aid will immediately control the excessively loud laughter as intrusive and turn down the amplification. This then affects the amplified volume of the verbal input of the guests. Wonder if those with normal hearing have to have the programme at loud levels to hear the guest input against audience noise?
Do you have examples of where the media or organisations are failing to have regard to the needs of the hearing impaired? "

You will will be able to find and comment on the Question if you check my profile...... but will try to give a link after posting

It is:-
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Jan 18, 2013