It's Just the Way I Am

i am a rather quiet person most of the time, dont like to speak cos i dont feel like what i have to say is valuable and know one wants to hear what i have to say.

I am either extremely quiet, or extremely hyper and you can't get me to shut up. People say that theyd prefer somthing in between, but that just doesn't seen possible. If i'm hyper then i dont seem to know how to shut up or say anything sensible, but if i'm quiet, then know one really understands me and doean't know how i feel or what i want.

wish i was a little less quiet at times, it would really help, bacause when i am quiet, it doesnt help with my job or in college, so it just gets really annoying and i get really annoyed with myself.

sezy sezy
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 9, 2007

I'm quiet too so i know what u mean, when u said u don't think what u have to say is valuable. so u just don't say anything at all. just remember that your say is valuable. If u find your self too quiet during a conversation. try to add to the conversation from what the other person has to say. Maybe a personal experience for example.

Everybody's words are as valuable as the next person's! <br />
For me, I get quiet in social situations where I don't know the person/ppl well enough - so this way its hard for me to make new friends. <br />
Try getting a friend to "monitor" you, and tell you when you're not saying very much, or going a little OTT. That might help you out a bit. =>