Almost Always

i'm not much of a talker.  i'd rather listen to every little thing that you have to say... i've always known to be very shy especially in front of many people.

boring = app

i don't know, but that's me! 

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i could never really go up to strangers and start a conversation right away. i rarely initiate small talks except here at EP. :)<br />
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why the name "app"? well, haha. i was working on some office apps when i found this site. i couldn't think of any name at that time. <br />
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my parents used to call me "sweet apple" anyway. :)

im quiet, i can talk a quite a bit when i feel like it but usualy just quiet which i like to be! when i was at my cousins wedding i had to just get out of the reception area too many people couldnt cope i was feeling claustrphobic and ppl where talking to me and i didnt really kno what to say cos like i didnt know them... so i just usualy keep to myself away from everyone... <BR>but sometimes when im with my friends i accidently talk over them.. i dont mean to and then i stop and say sorry and let them talk.... that can b annoying...<br />
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question: what does app mean???

Shy at first but turn into chatter box after a few encounters :0) shy is very sweet..more talking for the big mouths..

my sister can be quite the talker and when necessary, i tell her to shush for a minute. with others it can be trickier.

noratrent, haha. i wish i could be like you. :) i guess, i just need a little nudge every now and then. haha.

being quiet doesn't mean boring. more people should learn to be quiet once in a while.

thanks leafwindblown.. :)

haha! you need not worry. i'll be gentle. :)

i'm giving you a big hug, mancutout! (((hugs)))