Hard To Gain Friends

Just call me try2. I becoming 19. I' am always afraid to introduce myself to people because I have a characteristic of being third sex. Well, in short I am a victim of such discrimination. I never mean this things but if I will try to gain friends I observed they don't want me.

I am a loner type its just because of this factor and I want to over come this but I can't. I attempt to do all the ways to adopt, adjust my self just for them. I was tired enough doing this things but still there is no change. I try to mingle but it seems I always in the danger, always a victim of such malicious mind people. I feel hopeless at the time when it happens. These things makes me fear and feel afraid of things such that like acquiring friends. Its very hard!
try2 try2
18-21, M
1 Response May 28, 2011

Thank you! its my privilege to talk with you.