Brave And Confident Friend

I have always loved having people who I did not know come up to me and introduce themselves. So one day I decided I wanted to try this. So I walked up to a girl who we are going to call Kay. She was on my track team and she normally ran all by herself. She was a social person, but didn't have any friends. So one day I walked up to her and just said hi. We didn't have any long conversations for a for a few weeks when we got to know each other better. Now we are great friends and we say hi every time we see each other.
Another time I saw a girl on the bus who was sitting alone. I sat next to her and believe it or not, we talked about weather. But I asked her for her number and we became insta friends. We sat together at lunch everyday. Although she did not eat. She never ate lunch. She thought she was fat. I told her that if she didn't eat I would get help for her. Believe it or not she actually ate. Later she told me that I had saved her life. She had been struggling with anorexia. She moved away after school ended, and sometimes I think about her problem. And one day I realized that if I had not talked to her on the bus she could have had a serious problem, maybe she would've died, but mostly I think about how if everyone made friends with people who are alone, we could solve alot of problems.
Be a Brave and Confident Friend!
brenabey brenabey
Aug 14, 2012