Too Shy

Ive always had trouble talking to new people. Usually ill get really quiet around them and theyl make fun of me. I mean, its not my fault that im not that outgoing, right?
SadNessa1 SadNessa1
13-15, F
2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Haha! Wow! Im not laughing at you, im laughing because i went through the exact same thing at school! Im now at uni and things have changed dramatically. I could barely look people in the eye let alone say a word to them! One thing i remember doing was just saying to myself, 'i've done this a million times before', just keep saying it. For some reason its a real confidence booster! It also depends on the people you are with. The people i was with never accepted me because of the way i was. I'm a little loud and crazy, i don't conform to the same things they would and so i was made fun of alot. Now im in uni and everyone accepts you for who you are. It may just be you need to find your group of sheep :)

Throught the time you gonna get experience of the situations and the society.
Don't worry, your life is gonna be better in the future for sure. I was like you and now i'm not like that anymore, everyone likes me and the people that talked bad about me, now they suck my balls hahaha. I pretty cute now and got money, cars, sick clothes, i'm in the college, working in the area of justice. My life now is much better!! I was also so shy, now i can talk with any person i want and every place. DON'T FORGET THIS, " THE HUMILIATED WILL BE GLORIFIED "