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I'm "afraid" of introducing myself, mainly because of past experiences. Being ignored, or laughed at, or told to f*** off. They're the only experiences I've had. It would be nice to have a positive social experience .. I just wish I knew where to find it. Because the rejection .. the humiliation .. is getting too much 

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4 Responses Oct 30, 2008

Just saying hello to someone isn't (or shouldn't be) upsetting to anyone Isis2008. But, maybe it's not what's said that they're upset about. But who says it. Which feels more likely.<br />
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In 33 years I've yet to actualy encounter someone, face-to-face, who gave a positive, encouraging, responce. Even if I simply smile.

heyy....<br />
its pretty hard to believe that people would be so negative to you for nothing? when you introduce yourself to them!!!<br />
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i'd say that maybe you've said something to upset them...otherwise people aren't that bad

"if u find friends,even here they are always be near u." ... I wish that were true, but .. unfortunatly, text on a screen can't replace someone to hold

Writing here is very, very different to trying to introduce yourself to someone 'in person'. Some people feel more comfotable with writing, than with talking. But in saying that, writing here is limiting too, because you can't go out with the people here, can't go to a movie with them, or a cafe or out to dinner. I'm just trying to find someone who I CAN meet and do those things with, or atleast, find someone who can help me to find someone .. because I've tried alone, and nobody will help. The internet is the last place left. The last chance. The last .. admittidly, fading .. hope ...<br />
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And it's pretty insulting to suggest that I'm just looking for attention.