Learning The Basics Are Fun But Serious And Dangerous Too

While transitioning I am finding out that many men want to possess me. Yea I mean own me; some I never met they write to me others call me and were friends when I was a shell of a boy. Now that my outside is changing to the point of being somewhat attractive well at least to me; some men just want to basically ta-too me and say this is "my girl" and hands off like I am sort of some exotic animal or car put on display for others to see but never talk to or ever touch...ever! Now at first that sounded cool when I was starting almost tantalizing but now it is downright dangerous since the prize cannot be shared among the chiefs...so a fight or worse happens. I did not ever see this except growing up and boys fought over girls and that kinda shocked me to think why would anyone want to beat the hell out of their best friend for a girl? Well now being that girl has brought new insight to the meaning eyes on the prize...

Some give me rules to follow...no spitting! no talking no gfs on the phone always go out with a guy never alone and on and on. I guess this is the part where moms tell their daughters to never go out with strangers and I don't but I am old enough to be a grandmother and look at me now! its crazy to think that grown men would be the same but they are and more so today with the money situation being tight and people laid off of work. I am just taking care of my mom and have to have a arsenal of weapons near me. My avatar and me are becoming almost alike. It is real and it is dangerous. The real world is where people really die doing this; they kill over stupid things and I want to live another day but this is becoming like a spy movie where I am being chased by who knows and calls me and hangs up leaving no name or number so they can hear my voice another time.

Transitioning is supposed to be a fun thing a beautiful thing and a time of amazement where a person born 1 in 10,000 with a female genetic brain gets to have a female body to match and love and live her life the way it is meant to be all one functioning together not pieces glued together like a jigsaw puzzle that is not done right. So what was meant to be an easy transition becomes a really painful one with valleys and peaks men and machines and their fragile egos that I luckily was taught early on never never to damage or my face may look like a burnt stay puffed marshmallows man. So I tread lightly keep to myself and wait until spoken to. Right? ****!  I do what I want and pay the consequences and that is just me..many genetic women say I am crazy and am going to be crazier when I get the full treatment..basically re-born out of the womb. Yea that is what it is and it hurts like hell the bones nerves veins and muscles all have to change including the Grey matter between my ears. And to top it off my height is not as much as when before I started I was taller now I am shorter and my feet and hands look smaller too. Many say that is impossible; but hormones do not know that as they change everything in my body as if I were born this way..and it makes me think was I? My MD says he has done this at least a thousand times and never in his practice saw  anyone  go so fast and get so big so soon including the skeleton which he said was not going to happen and then I sent him a picture of me and said that I am different in all respects and I hurts like hell!!! bones do not change easily and do i know that!!!

Well I just had a voice outside my window tell me to think about "us" and not write every detail down so besides I am not going to go into something that can be found on the Internet and wont re-invent the wheel but I am not a wheel I am something else and that increases my odds from being 1-10,000  to 1-1,000,000! like trying to land a 747 on a runway no wider than your country road. Its gonna be hard its gonna be scary but if I focus if I really try to make this work and weed out the bad from the good, I may just may wind up with some really good life-long friends and maybe wind up with a life-long partner who like me is crazy enough to wear my heart on my sleeve and do a story like this.

Now lets see how amazed I am if I can just get this life of mine to line up on that little gray line....maybe I will weave around a bit to have fun before I descend and settle down for a smooth but dangerous landing.. or better said "dangerous curves ahead" lol!                 
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lol.. yes, dangerous curves ahead : ) lol.. i do love your <br /><br />
analogie of your<br /><br />
transformation : ).. You Go Girl : )<br /><br />

hello <br />
<br />
I got a lot out of what you wrote, new insights and confirmations on what i have been experiencing lately. Men used to feel uncomfortable around me and would act hostile and even attack me, now maybe even some of the same men are starting to find me attractive and see me as a sex ob<x>ject and want me to be their girlfriend. <br />
Thank you for putting your thoughts and feelings down on paper, it has helped me understand things better and i am sure you are a help to many others even if they don't write to thank you.<br />
I hope everything goes smoothly for you. I would like to add you to my circle I hope it is alright with you?<br />
Hugs and Love <br />

I feel the need to apologize for my gender. I hope things get better, and on a personal note reading this gave me new thoughts and perspective so thanks for that.

Thank you Sedra and I part my hair like you do because it makes yur face look sexy even blurry!! maybe when I am on stage playing my drums you will recognize me and its ok shout!!! love you sis, Linda Q

great story hun, you know i'm here if you need to talk :)

Lately I've been having the same problem with men. I just wrote a story about it that you might like. Good luck with your transition.