Overcome By Angry

I wasn't born angry but things happen and you change. So i went to this horrible school and from then on changed. So i changed schools got kicked.
Went to another school it went gud. Then my parents split. I was kinda angry i guess but i only realized that affected my till recently. So i got in trouble long story short i had to leave.
Went to another school hated it. Pushed teacher into metal door. Another occasion got in fight with classmate. Another occasion got in fight with this physco girl. Same day got in fight with girl who thinks she's so bad beat her up.
So i changed school but i went to the school right next door. I got in fight with teacher ripped of her weave, she pissed me off.I got in fight with friend we're now friends again. So next school year comes.I walk out off class. Next week that teacher took my book i was drawing in pissed my off so i grabbed him, his shirt buttons ripped. He aimed to punch i took of his glasses to blind side him then walked out the classroom and got on like nothing happened. It was like i blow off my steam. So now i'm home relaxing preparing to go back to skool. I don't think dat school is gud enviroment for me i don't like it,i wanna live. I feel i'm calmer knew being away from most people. I still sometimes get angry but i'm better.

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Nov 29, 2012