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Yeah That's Me.

I'm always barefoot, you just can't get shoes on me for anything. It all started when I was a kid of 10yrs old. In the early spring to late fall I never wore any shoes at all. When I had to go to school I had on sandals because you wasn't allowed in school barefoot. When I graduated HS and went to work I had to wear shoes there, but they always came off right after I was done. Now that I'm disabled/retired and live in Florida I can go barefoot 24/7/365 and love it. You should give it a try, but start out slow and easy if you wear shoes a lot of the time, because you don't want to hurt your feet, just get them tough so you can walk on anything and not bat an eye. Once you try it, you'll love it like I do and be addicted. Check out and for more info.                                          

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair." ~ Khalil Gibran ~
barefootward barefootward 56-60, M 2 Responses Dec 20, 2011

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Love going barefoot at 60,my wife got me started when i was 20,i go every where bf ,if i get turn down at the door i look for a another door.i live in Tulsa OK,been trying to start a meet up barefoot club,posted on creaglist no luck,that's why we have turn in toes and bu nun feet in this area.i steal hope to get it started here,do some monthly outing together The oldest teenage in OK..

You said you live in Florida. That's great because you can go barefoot there year round. I just came back from Florida. I spent four days in Miami Beach. Before I left, I had a goal, to spend at least one whole day barefoot. You know, there in South Beach, you can go into most restaurants barefoot. The ones on Ocean Drive have outside tables, so going barefoot there is no problem. All the shops I went in allowed me to be barefoot. But there was a bar across the street from my hotel, I went there around 10pm and was told to leave. No barefeet allowed. I had to go get my flip-flops. What a rip-off.

Thanks for commenting. Yes I'm barefoot year round and FL has a lot of barefoot friendly place's. I usually go to Cocoa Beach, it's another hot spot like Miami. Do you usually go barefoot or is this something new for you. If it's new, do you enjoy it? And if your new, welcome to the barefoot lifestyle.

I've onlt started going barefoot in the last few years. I'm 47 and I wish I'd started going barefoot years ago. I live in Missouri, and it's too cold to go barefoot for much of the year. Also, nearly all stores, restaurants, and bars have signs in the windows saying, "Shirt and Shoes required". One time, I was eating in a pizza place, and was wearing flip-flops. I slipped them off, and the waitress said I have to keep my footwear on. Do you travel much? Australia, and South Africa are also barefoot friendly places.