Like I'd Always Tell Mama....

"...if God wanted me to wear shoes, I'd have been born with them on my feet." If I had a nickel for every time my mama said, even as an adult, "Where are your shoes?"... . Lawd, Mama, I don't know. There's probably a couple of pairs in the back seat of my car. And another dozen pairs drawing dust in my closet. If you're a friend of mine, I've probably managed to leave a pair at your place, too.

Let's face it: if there's not a sign on the door saying, "No shoes, no shirt, no service?" I'm going to take my chances. Except for public restrooms... that's a given, because our feet do absorb toxins from our environment. But I've been known to frequent the local library barefoot; the bank (they're always nice to me there; I can certainly get away with it without more than a glance.). I live in the South, after all, and people are just too damn fake down here to say anything so directly. So I milk that.

Shoes hurt my feet. A 7 1/2 fits one foot; an 8 is too big for both. Shoes are simply not manufactured to fit my feet... I don't know about the rest of you; but the little straps across the top are always almost an inch taller than the top of my foot. They're always too wide and I promise you, I've tried on thousands of pairs and dozens of brands in my attempt to hide these puppies and conform with the rest of society. But shoes give me blisters on my blisters... I have the scars to prove it. I can out-walk anyone in a pair of three inch heels (or I could before I broke my foot.... in a pair of three inch heels...). My point being is that shoes can be down-right dangerous. I don't understand these women who have hundreds of pairs of shoes. Or even more than a few. I'm just not a slave to my wardrobe, but I am a slave to my feet.

I need to feel connected to the earth via my feet, too. I need to feel the accelerator and the brake and the clutch under my feet... I absolutely cannot drive in shoes. I've tried... it's hell on my transmission. But back to the earthy thing; we gather energy from the earth around us, and since our feetsies do absorb what they come in contact with, I go commando on the foot gear thing. I'm sure you're starting to envision feet that are thick and crusty, somewhat Shrek-ish, but that's not true. They might be a bit dirty, but somehow I'm not tender-footed in spite of how tender my feet might look. Dirt scrubs off anyway.

Shoes make my feet feel hot. Hot feet make me feel grumpy. There's a connection, I'm telling ya. I remember when I first moved back to Texas, after a couple of decades; and I'd forgotten that it gets too hot to go barefoot in the summer. After all, you can fry an egg on that concrete. Concrete.... that's something else I'm not a big fan of. And socks, in my opinion, should just be disposable.... they're my 'winter wear'... I can't sleep in them, though. But by the time I take the time to put socks and shoes on, or even sandals, I could be in the car and on my way, and if there's not a sign... I'm in. To me, a 'sign' is snow on the ground... that's what it takes for me to wear shoes. That and a good restaurant, or the grocery store. Pretty much it... there has to be food involved that I'll be denied if I don't play by the rules. I rarely use the word 'hate' in my vocabulary? I think it's a negative emotion that I won't engage in... but I will openly admit, I hate shoes. Sorry, Mama... so far I haven't sustained any personal injuries sporting bare feet, but shoes have caused me to break both of my feet... if only I'd been able to feel that rock under those leaves, or that ground on the other side of that fence in the dark one night. Walking in shoes... that's how I've broken my feet. I'll never do THAT again. At least not without a sign.

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5 Responses May 16, 2012

I totally agree with everything you wrote....absolutely! enjoy staying barefoot! I know I do :)

god told you himself,shoes were not intended for your bare feet,just like mine

Same thing can be said on swimming, if god meant me to swim he'd make me a fish.


That's a good positive outlook on it.