Eh. Lame.

well, i feel like i'm always blamed for everything. and i pretty much think it's true, but i've been told it's my "middle child syndrome"

whatev. i dont have to agree with that. at all.

it's not just the parentals that blame me. it's my other siblings. people at work. everyone.

i do think it's funny though. i've learned to push that to the side.

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I am the MIddle Child of 9 kids. I was also born as a that time my father wanted a boy. After that, my older sister called me the "devil" because she said all the troubles started when I was born. I guess...gender and being the middle child....are considerable factors that play into who is to most likely to be blamed for this.

I'm middle child too, and i agree with the middle child syndrome. It was already started since i was a little child, after my lil bro was born to be specific. My parents wanted a son, but instead they had me, another girl. <br />
Is it my fault?? I didn't ask to be born... So why do i have to be the one who suffered this?? <br />
I am sorry to bring you down... I guess i just need to vent a bit... >.

I am a middle child, never heard of the syndrome though.<br />
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I am always blamed for everything. I don't think it's funny but heartbreaking.<br />
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I think people blame us because we are more responsible! Does it make sense?<br />
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Sorry if I made you feel I am making fun of this. I am about 10 years senior to you, maybe I have learned to live with the blame.<br />
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Thank you for your story.