I Blush Too Fast

I blush when I am nervous talking to someone or something embarassing happens, when I am in the spot light or when I laugh very hard.  Because I have very very bright skin you can see the red color coming out pretty good. I think afro americans are lucky because their skin is so dark you hardly ever can see them blush, if they ever blush............sight :(

GrueneRose GrueneRose
3 Responses Apr 1, 2007

i have the same problem it will come and hit out of no where and i can feel it burning my skin. i hate it

I had the same problem for about a year - it was ruining my life, now I'm determined to let people know how I fixed it! NEVER refuse to do something because of fear. Make yourself do everything you don't want to do. I tried so many ways to fix it, and this was the only thing that actually got rid of it. Everything slowly becomes less frightening once you know you HAVE to do it, and that you've survived it many times before. And if you do blush, forgive yourself.

hi. i have been suffering the same problem for more than ten years already and i finally decided that this has got to stop. so i started reading about it and connecting with people who have the same problem as i am. i realized that if you start embracing the fact that you blush easily, it becomes easier to ignore. i can say that i have conquered the fear a little bit but i still have a long way to go. hang in there buddy. we can and will overcome this. =)