My partner hasn't been intimate with me for months and I have a high sex drive, I've been so frustrated to the point I can't sleep, I have to relieve myself every day, my partner found out I'd seen another woman but isn't bothered. One day she made me coffee, I drank it n we got intimate, I was amazed so rushed her to bed where she tied my arms and legs, thought it was my birthday 4 times over, as I lay there with an extremely throbbing penis she started giving me a hand job, then put her hand in something and to my horror she was rubbing chilly into my **** under my foreskin, then got up laughing as I laid in agony, couldn't even hold my burning penis as I was tied up, as I was crying in agony my foreskin felt like it was being torn off, she then told me she put crushed viagra in my coffee, she left me there for 2 hours and I couldn't move, penis rock hard and burning then she came back and rubbed more chilly in, I almost passed out, another hour passed and I'm lying there with a hardon, burning and started needing the toilet. So after 4 hours I was busting to pee, couldn't cross my legs or hold my penis, hard as rock so couldn't pee anyway, 8 hours I laid there with an erection, in the end my pee just came out I couldn't stop it, burned like hell as it trickled out through my erection and I still hadn't **********. She finally came in, kicked my balls and untied me, you can imagine the rest ......
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Aug 16, 2014