i am currently in a long term relationship we have been together for 2 years and 4 months. We used to have sex often but lately i feel as though im the one making the effort and the only one who wants sex. the past couple of months u started staying the night over more often and its just so frustrating. He is always busy and would rather go to the gym every day yet he always says that he is too tired to have sex. the other day i found photos on his ipad of some girl which he said belonged to his sister who agreed yet i feel like she is covering for him. No suprise at all that i have a gut feeling that he is cheating. it really upsets me that i have had the talk with him about how i feel we should have more sex and he agrees but he always says that we will have sex that day then asks if we can just have sex tomorrow and so on. like he just doesnt want to i have even gone on birth control so that he doesnt have to wear condoms hoping it would help but nope. and when we do have sex i feel its because he feels like he has to and wants to just get it overwith. i hate this feeling i know he cares and i dont want to ruin my relationship or end but im just so sexually frustrated like i need sex and at this point i dont know how else to handle the situation and tell him. i have even contemplated the idea of cheating and i realize that that makes me a horrible person i mean i love him but he never wants to have sex . i am just so frustrated that im avoiding spending too much time or staying the night because it will only frustrate me more that we arent having sex. i hate feeling unwanted i feel like its me or my fault , i just dont understand. it was never a problem before and i do understand that its normally to have less sex as the relationship advances but we arent having none and we arent anywhere close to being married 2 years is really not that long. im so frustrated and i dont know how to handle the situation.
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Girl, I know how you feel!!!! I'm going through the same thing with my husband, we were dating for 3 years before we got married and have now been married for 2 years and 3 months! He watches **** which tells me that he obviously doesn't want to have sex with me, if he needs to please himself.... Then when I try and get him in the mood he shuts me down, and says he's too tired from work and that we'll try "tomorrow" and then the same excuse the next day! It's really annoying because I've been thinking about having a lover on the side, but I know that it will just make me feel more guilty... Even though I really love him, I rather just end things and let him go.. apparently that's what guys want when acting like that!!

i think he is cheating on u. go find a friends with benefits and get all the sex u need. keep ur emotions to ur bf if u want to but get the sex elsewhere

Have you tried talking to him?

have you gotten to the bottom of this yet? most assume he is getting it somewhere else. there is a possibility he has gotten board, but that would only be a realistic case if he has a different sex-drive level then you. look for the redflags!

yeah actually , he recently dumped me using the lame excuse i honestly think he never really cared. He used me and is probably cheating... @jrmichigan

I'm in the same spot message me if u want to talk i don't know what to do

I'm happy for you :)

******* much? seriously if you are going to insult somebody at least be more specific. If you have nothing helpful to say and just want to put others down to make yourself feel better then simply get the hell off my page and mind your own damn business since nobody appreciates your judgemental crap. It is that simple @carl9516

Maybe you should dump him because obviously there is something wrong with him I don't know a guy who would turn down sex. I know I wouldn't

That tells me how much self respect you have for yourself

Maybe you should get of him then and get some other guys to have sex with you. I know I would