MY Family Life

my family is very important to me because i love them  very and do anything for them.  im been married for 23 years years to the guy who live next door to me he was 7 years older than im am but i knew someday i will married him and i did. we had are   bad times and good  time, but we always  made it.  i have 3 wonderful girls who they can get own my nerves every once in a while and some time  i think they take me for granted but  i wouldnt trade them for anything.  i also have 3 granddaughter. who i adore i cant wait to see thieir precious little every day to   to hear them call out nana name. or  can i stay  over nana house tonite. it make me  tear up just talking about them.   my oldest daughter is married to jacob  he can be a little loud sometimes but i still love him to.

my family been ther for me since im going through my third time with cancer (ovarian cancer).   right now im goin  through chemotherapy and they have been there for me. 


sassynana sassynana
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2007

aww, i enjoyed reading this story. you have a wonderful family. good luck and i wish you only the best

Best of luck with the cancer. You seem to have a great support system.