How Do I Get You Alone :-)

no offence to any of my online friends you all have a purpose in my life but its just not quite the same as having someone sitting next to you passing time sharing support..feeling good ..and i bet my neighbours think i have nobody sad recluse accentuates how socially inadequate i feel when my neighbours have a few people going round. okay if they knew i had an online community they would still think i was sad but hey ho.. for some reason i do not want them to think i am sad . i miss my cousin and brother coming round when aisling was young .. and my best friend natasha... and my sister occasionally came up to stay.. but that was years ago nine years ago when aisling was a baby when i lived 160 miles away from here ....i never realised how much i took those few people for granted..its not that easy to make new good friends.. ok i have my neighbour but i cannot go and chat over coffee every day endless days are my pleasure . here i am now unemployed on sickness benefit so in theory am not really unemployed but am working age.. my daughter lives six miles away altho am unable to see her.. her dad rears his ugly head now and then its awful.. am not gonna make friends with other parents or anyone cos am not really a parent .. life is empty without my partner .. he being my ex who now has a great life.. he sees his kids .. has a good job.. back with is brother has a couple of good mates he does things with has the money and character to do these things. i mean sometimes am not bothered .. i do not want a new partner yet....and i guess i need to do more and get out etc .. find a job one day and one good friend would be all i need .. and aisling of course .. cos i do have friends just not here in it gets lonely and there is literally noone to turn to except for my wonderful neighbour ... so yes am always hoping for better because this state am in is not happy :-(
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I`ll buy you a glass of wine and listen if you like?!