I Dont Want To Be Alone

ok here is my story.right from my school days my parents didnt know to encourage me.as a result of that whenever i get low marks i was easily criticized by both of my parents.may be because of their constant remarks i just lost my confidence and became really sensitive.but somehow god showed me what is sucess.BUT still my confidence didnt rise up still.many girls in my class used to distance themselves because they were arrogant and choosy from me except one girl who heped me during different times.even that female just left me after our school days.my parents then started complaining i dont have friends,i have to mingle well etc.AS a result of which i blamed myself for my loneliness.when i entered college i thought of finding good friends.but they made me feel that my school girls were much better than college girls.but one thing, was i thought one girl was so close to me but she just ditched me after finding a new boyfriend. i found everyone in my class to be selfish,prejudious,and of use and throw nature.its not that i dont have friends.i have friends on my facebook.but i am scared whether they will also leave me after listening to my problems.Eventhough i share my problems with them its really difficult for me to convince myself that there is someone for me.i dont want n number of friends to throw surprise parties to me,but i want one person other than my family whom i can loudly say SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND and vice versa
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

ill talk i will lisen and not leave