And It's Torturing Me

I think my depression after losing in a modeling competition triggered my unstoppable appetite for food. It surprised me that I would always feel hungry and wanted to eat every hour. I guess this is the effect of losing. Since that models look thin, like me, I wanted to get fat. And I don't freaking know why.

And it gets worse when I started to crave for something. For the past months, i craved for cheesy and meaty pizza, dairy queen's blizzard, KFC's double down and fully loaded, McDonald's mcfloat and fries, chocolate waffles, strawberry-filled donuts. I eat a lot of one in a day, and eventually, my craving for that particular food will be gone. However, I always ended up spending all my money for food. It's a real pain in the neck.

I'm currently craving for sushi. actually, I'm looking for a sushi all you can shop to get rid of my cravings.
mhel0w8 mhel0w8
22-25, F
Nov 5, 2011