Food Is Good And I Regularly Feel Like Eating

I often think food is good and I could eat something at the moment.  I can eat two consecutive meals relatively close together.  Like if I eat breakfast late and soon it's afternoon and I could eat lunch anytime.  I'm hungry a lot, but I practice a lot of control and wait until time for the next meal and eat one snack between dinner and bedtime.  I do most days like that.  Three meals and an evening snack.  I eat a snack right before bedtime to save eating for the end of the day, make it the last thing I do, because I like it and don't want to be done with it too soon.  If I eat dinner early, I may have to eat two evening snacks.  I want to stay thin while eating a lot, as some of you do.  I don't know whether I would because I have not been overeating.
MDenise MDenise
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 3, 2012

I love eating a ton and being obese! :)))))))))))